Speaking & Events

Expect more than your ears to be entertained

Noel A Ferguson delivers explosive keynote and general session presentations, interactive workshops, in-depth seminars, and lively training sessions that inspire audiences to take action in the areas of Leadership, Management, corporate culture, employee engagement and personal motivation. A speaker with international experience, Noel leads with content, delivers with contagious enthusiasm, and leaves his audiences both wanting more and committed to taking action.

Noel brings 20+ years of field-proven experience, has led corporate and culture change programmes in the thousands, operating out of hundreds of offices. An inspirational leader of people and a builder of high performing teams, Noel's leadership as a CEO, Consultant and trusted mentor in Global and Multi-national companies translates to a speaker who truly speaks from professional experience.

Noel brings to you many years of "street tested" techniques and proven methodologies designed to pull higher results from you, your teams and your management efforts.

Areas of Speaking Focus
Leadership & Management 100%
Employee Engagement 100%
Career Management 80%
Fun & Unpredictabiliy! 50%

Power-Packed Presentations to get you in gear

Rocket Powered Leadership

Not for the faint hearted, Noel takes you through a breath taking exploration of explosive Leadership. You'll leave with Noel's perfect equation to guarantee Leadership success. Containing unexpected turns, full of energy, surprise and fun, this session is more powerful than Rocket Science!

Employee Enragement

Turning the tables on the manager and subordinate relationship, Employee Enragement is the flip side to Employee Engagement. For anyone with a manager that isnt quite up to competence, this session provides practical advice on how to 'manage your manager'. It examines the frustrations we all experience and how to take positive action to turn the situation around.

The Good Guide To Bad Management

Creating something good from bad, Noel outlines the traits of bad management, along with the impacts and consequences on your business. You will also ask yourself "Am I a bad manager?", but be prepared to be surprised at the answer!


Quite simply, Noel is too good! Don't expect anyone to be able to present after him!

Eric Calderwood
Director - The Co-Operative Society