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Every Leader Needs A Mission

We outline the Mission Objecives of the Rocket Powered Leadership series.


Finding Your Purpose

We ask "What's the point?" and examine the significance of Leaders having a personal purpose. We also explore why some Leaders don't have a purpose and consider whether this helps or hinders their role as a Leader.


Self-Awareness or Self-Importance?

Direct and resolute, we drive a bulldozer through the barricade of self-importance. We prove that self-awareness is a soft skill which drives hard results, and that pompous arrogance is a formula for Leadership disaster.


The Unassuming Leader

A range of Managers can find themselves in a technical or specialist role, senior in an organisation, with few direct reports. Are these Managers, Leaders or not? Caroline Simms of the Park Plaza Hotel joins me, as we examine the potential to lead by influence.


The Perplexity of Complexity

Complexity is seductive, addictive and destructive. Is the world becoming more complex, or are we becoming more aware of the world's complexity? Alexander Knapp of AKC Global joins me to explore the best approaches to tackle the phenomenon.


Self Doubt Improves Your Clout

Part two of our conversation with Alexander Knapp sees us consider how arrogance can lead to downfall, too much analysis can lead to paralysis, and how an imposter in the workplace can foster success.




Contract Killers: The Hidden Hitmen

There are covert Contract Killers in many businesses; they undervalue the worth of human life. Learn to spot the signs of a cold-blooded 'professional killer' and if you have the potential to be one.

Available 20 Dec 2017




Working with Diffcult People

We talk to Amy Cooper Hakim, author of 'Working with Difficult People' and find out how to handle the ten types of problem people without losing your mind.

Available 30 Dec 2017




The Eternal Optimist

How can Leaders remain optimistic and motivational, even when faced with overwhelming odds? We talk to Hazel Correa, the Communications Director at the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation.

Available 30 Jan 2017




Inception, Conception or Deception?

How are great ideas conceived and turned into reality? Are great ideas doomed without adequate planning and implementation? How can a Leader have assurance that their ideas will be delivered?

Available 28 Feb 2018




Shut Up and Step Up

Actions speak louder than words, yet some leaders think words are enough to lead by. We examine the impact of words, how they can have greater impact than actions, and how a leader's 'action' of words can create inaction in their people.

Available 30 Apr 2018