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Questions from you, answers from me.

Below is a selection of the most frequently asked questions I receive, from social media and online. If you have a question that isn't answered on here, get in contact with me!

These questions are updated frequently.

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What drives you to do what you do?

A very long time ago when I started out on my career, I had the good fortune to be managed by both bad 'bosses' and good 'managers'. The fact I witnessed bad management provided excellent case study into the negative impact that a bad manager can have on staff, their motivation, productivity, and personal well-being.

A little later in my career I was selected to join a management Task-Force under the Leadership of an exceptional and exemplary gentleman and Manager. That gentleman was the late Pete Douglas, who sadly passed way before his time. Unknown to you, but revered by those who worked for him, Pete was and remains the best Manager I had the pleasure to work for. The management experience I gained working with him is the foundation upon which I have developed a thirst to extol the benefits of good Leadership and Management, and to share the skills and competencies which contribute to the same.

Do you offer courses or training sessions?

Sharing my acquired knowledge is one of the most important aspects of my work, frequently delivering Workshops in the areas of Leadership and Management, Employee Engagement and Career Development. I have a number of prepared workshops, and we can also create a bespoke workshop if that best suits your context. Please contact me to discuss your needs.

Can I book you for a speaking engagement?

Sharing my acquired knowledge is one of the most important aspects of my work, frequently Speaking on the areas of Leadership and Management, Employee Engagement and Career Development. You can request my attendance at an engagement by simply getting in contact.

Do you have any books?

I am busy writing three publications at present. 'Rocket Powered Leadership' which provides the ready made equation to being a stratospheric Leader; 'The Good Guide to Bad Management' based on the research undertaken from our KeepTheBossFireTheBoss.com website; 'Employee Enragement' which examines the consequences of disengaged employees within a business. They are scheduled for publication late 2019, 2020 and 2021. Watch out for more details in due course. Until then, you can keep up to date with my articles on the blog.

Can I work with you?

If you feel there are synergies to be attained by working with me on a project, I am happy to consider an appropriate approach, and please do get in contact.

What does the 'A' stand for?

By that question, it is the 'A' in the middle of my name. A slightly well known retired football manager also shares his name with me. Interesting coincidence that we both have such a strong interest in Leadership and Management!

Do you do media interviews?

Yes - I am available for media interviews, and happy to focus on Leadership and Management ability and the impact on the motivation of staff and resulting return on investment. Check the media page for immediate media and press contact details.

Can I ask you for personal advice, e.g. via twitter?

With over 178,000 followers on my Social Media channels and streams, I endeavor to respond to all messages I receive. It can take some time to get through every one, but if I can provide you with advice I will do so. If you are seeking advice on behalf of your business or organization, I am happy to arrange a consultation.

Please bear in mind I only respond to questions with specific issues, around the topics of Leadership, Management, Marketing and Business. If you have a problem in these areas, do get in touch.

However, I do not respond to generic questions that can be answered with a quick internet search, such as "How can I make money from the internet?" or "How can I get started in a career in music?". I provide answers to problems that require effort, not a service to people who have a problem making an effort.

Will you repost my fundraising request/cause on twitter?

This is an area in which I would like to help, but the practicalities make it very difficult. I receive a substantial number of requests each day to repost links to fundraising campaigns; all worthy causes in their own right.

Unfortunately if I were to post these, followers would quickly become fatigued. I personally choose to support a selection of campaigns close to my values each year. If I feel that your campaign meets my personal criteria, then you will hear from me. For those I am unable to support, I wish you every success in your endeavors, and praise you for your determination.