The Blame Game

Recruiting the right staff takes time; likewise, creating and developing staff in the right way takes even longer. Don't fall into the trap of thinking you can have one without the other.

Will you take the blame if you don't train?

Have you ever come across a store, restaurant or employer, that always seems to advertise for new staff? It's easy to interpret this as a good sign, that the employer is thriving, business is growing and can't get enough staff to meet customer demand. There is however an alternative interpretation that is often the real case for constantly needing staff. Poor Leadership and management.

High demand for staff is usually a sign of high turnover, not business success.

High demand for staff is usually a sign of high turnover, in other words, staff are unprepared to stay. A range of factors can influence what drives someone to leave an existing job, but one that I have witnessed again recently, is when an employer hires staff, and then fails to train them. New staff are left floundering and expected to know what is going on, without someone having taken the time to explain to them how to do the job, or train them. Next thing they know, they are being harranged by the boss for not having done something, which they didn't know they were supposed to.

There are of course instances when some staff simply don't listen to or heed the boss; but if turnover is high, and staff retention low, then you need to look at yourself as the boss, and not blame the employees who leave. It is they who have actually shown the better judgement, not you.