Get Real

To seek admiration as a Leader detracts from your credibility and authority as a leader; equally if you idealise a subordinate. Craving admiration leaves you dependent on your subordinates for reassurance and security. This in turn leaves your vulnerable and risk-averse, fearful of doing anything wrong lest you tarnish your halo. The feeling of safety will limit your ability to move forward with your career, instead craving the safety net of admiring subordinates.

Inspired employees are the key to outperformance.

If you are glorified as a leader, you can be at risk of and be free to act irresponsibly, unethically or to the detriment of your business. It also means your people are unlikely to question decisions or assert their own talents and insights, which can in turn damage a company's innovative potential and development.

As a manager, you will reap what you sow, be that either good or bad.

Inspired employees demonstrate three key characteristics: They are authentically dedicated - proud of their organization for how it acts in the world and therefore self-driven; deeply accountable - seizing authority, meeting obligations; and fully responsible - leaning in, stretching themselves and helping others. Inspired employees are also extraordinarily productive.