Lead from the front, don't stab in the back

Everyone makes mistakes. A person who never made a mistake, never made anything. That is not to say that you can make mistakes all the time without redress, but there will be a time when you make a mistake. There is nothing wrong with that. We all need to 'Take it on the chin' when it is our place to do so. However, the manner in which your mistakes are pointed out to you should be done in a tactful manner by your Boss.

Don't forget what is important.

What your Boss should not do is call you out in public or stab you in the back. Do you feel as though you are publically flogged when things go wrong, strung up in front of your colleagues? A good Leader will know that public embarrassment is not the way to deal with your mistakes.

We all need to 'Take it on the chin' when it is our place to do so.

Your Boss should take you to the side in private and quietly explore the mistake, giving you a hand on the back to support and say, "Look, it is ok. We all make mistakes. Let's see what we can do to understand why this mistake happened, what we can learn from it and what can we do differently in future". Note the use of the word 'We' and not 'you'.

So which do you experience from your Boss? Do they give you the hand or the dagger?