Don't be weak, say 'thanks'

Words can have a big impact, and two of the most impactful are "Thank you". In day-to-day life these words make all the difference as to how you are perceived; forgetting to say them appears rude and that you take things for granted, whilst saying them demonstrates respect, and genuine appreciation.

So if all this emanates from two simple words in the every day, imagine the impact they can have in the workplace. A large number of employees feel under-appreciated and frustrated at work.

Don't forget what is important.

Today's working culture tends to be frenzied and demanding, requiring long hours or sacrificed weekends, all for the good of the company. Yet despite all this, too many managers forget the importance of saying thank you.

It's amazing how much power "thank you" carries.

For a staff member going above and beyond, a straightforward thank you is often enough to make it worthwhile. Knowing that their efforts have been acknowledged will make them feel valued and much more willing to do it again when necessary. Conversely the lack of a thank you is likely to make an employee feel demeaned and frustrated, and in the long-term is very likely to drive them away. It's amazing how much power "thank you" carries.