Rocket Powered Leadership

Countless books have been written about leadership, most of them sit unread or half-thumbed, gathering dust. Rocket Powered Leadership will blast the dust from the bookshelves, fuel, ignite and sustain your passion for Leadership.

This isn't another Leadership book, but the flight and mission manual to propel your career to new heights and your Leadership Skills - out of this world.

Based on conversations and interviews with Leaders and managers from every sector of industry across the globe, it details the traits you need to be a Rocket Powered Leader; and helps you develop them. As to what a Rocker Powered Leader is... You will have to read to find out...

If Leadership is your calling, then Rocket Powered Leadership is for you. It will provide you with the skills to become a Leader of distinction, with focussed determination, the ability to endure through hardship, and ultimately to succeed.

The Countdown begins...