Employee Enragement

Extensive research in recent years by highly reputable firms such as Employee Intelligence, Gallup, TowersWatson, and the Great Place to Work Institute leaves little (if any) doubt that there is a direct correlation between positive or negative employee engagement and organizational success or failure.

Despite the overwhelming evidence of the positive benefits of Employee Engagement, a huge majority of firms and managers have failed to grasp the tenants of the concept.

Workers in such firms become enveloped with 'Employee Enragement' - that is the manifestations of the personal frustrations that they all experience in such a workplace environment.

Employee Enragement is critical reading for all employees, in any role or organizations position, who no longer want to leave their career progression to the mercy of superiors or organizational impositions.

Such frustrations impose upon employees, an inability to succeed, due to organizational or managerial barriers. The employee's talents, skills and competences are underused, their potential unfulfilled, and their motivation quashed.

In Employee Enragement, I examine the plethora of frustrations which employees in such organisations experience and outline not only coping strategies, but active strategies to enable each employee to take control of their situation; manage their manager, propel their career, and effect meaningful change in the workplace, from the bottom up.