Positive Value Leadership


'Positive Value Leadership' is the approach developed for the Institute of One World Leadership. It details the exemplar values which Leaders need to improve professional performance, strengthen identity, become an inspiration to subordinates, be an exemplar to society and a catalyst for the adoption of social change for the benefit of all humanity.

Manage Without Mayhem


Some managers thrive on mayhem - every task is urgent, every target missed and everything overruns; production, time, budgets. 'Manage without Mayhem' puts the brakes on the downward slope, and changes you from a reactive manager to a proactive manager. Create a productive workplace rather than a destructive one.

Rocket Powered Leadership


'Rocket Powered Leadership' is thought provoking in approach and provides a ready made guide to perfecting your Leadership skills. It proves that rocket science is easy, as is Leadership; with a leadership equation. This is the flight and mission manual to propel your career to new heights and your Leadership Skills - out of this world!

Rocket Powered Leadership
The Vision Code

Stratospheric Guidance to Propel your Career.

Explosive Leadership, Management; and Career Advice!

No matter where you are on the career ladder, you will find the guidance on my website every bit as relevant to help you get the most from yourself as a Leader, and from your team.

Rocket Powered Leadership

Propel your actions with my explosive equations for success. Just like Rocket Science, Leadership is easy if you have the perfect equation. I help you understand the Leadership equation, balance the inputs, and maximise the outputs.

Listen and Learn

Tune in to my Rocket Powered Leadership Podcast. In each edition I speak with real world Leaders and Managers who are making a real difference in the workplace.

We've the Vision to help you develop YOUR vision.

In co-operation with Dr Oleg Konovalov, the World's #1 expert on vision, this book will transform how you see the future!

Dr Konovalov spent hours interviewing myself, along with 18 other leading corpororate, industrial, academic, and military leaders. Inside this publication you can find my own insights into developing a vision for your career and your business.