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No matter where you are on the career ladder, you will find the guidance on my website every bit as relevant to help you get the most from yourself as a Leader, and from your team.

Rocket Powered Leadership

Propel your actions with my explosive equations for success. Just like Rocket Science, Leadership is easy if you have the perfect equation. I help you understand the Leadership equation, balance the inputs, and maximise the outputs.

Leadership For A Better World

If you are serious about making a difference in the world, then membership of the Institute of One World Leadership is your route to make a difference. Noel is the Institute's Executive Chairman and extends an invitation to you to join at www.owls.global

Move your world with a movie

Keep up to date with the videocasts, each focusing on an area of the Leadership equation; and with my schedule of live Periscope broadcasts. These are your opportunity to ask me live questions relating to Leadership and Management and obtain an instant answer.

Listen and Learn

Tune in to my Rocket Powered Leadership Podcast. In each edition I speak with real world Leaders and Managers who are making a real difference in the workplace.

Why do what I do?

The Rationale for Rocket Powered Leadership

The workplace is not a good place to be. Fifty Five percent of employees believe their managers' lack competence and confidence. Thirty nine percent of employees blame increased stress levels on their managers' behaviour.

If you are a manager, this means the likelihood is that you are failing to get the best from your team. If you want to let stagnation permeate through your business, then Rocket Powered Leadership isn't for you. If, however you want to be successful, thrash your competitors and become a natural leader, then Rocket Powered Leadership is for you!

  • Eliminate your leadership weaknesses
  • Make failure a thing of the past
  • Grow your team as a strong resource
  • Establish yourself as a Leader
  • Achieve exemplary success
  • Propel your team and your career

The Need for Self Awareness

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On the launch pad for 2018...
Rocket Powered Leadership

The pinnacle of efforts during 2018 will be the publication of Rocket Powered Leadership. Thought provoking in approach and offering a ready made guide to perfecting your Leadership skills. It's guaranteed to be out of this world.

The Good Guide to Bad Management

At times the action of Managers' makes their staff want to laugh and at other times causes them to cry. Looking at real examples I'll explore the worst cases of bad management, (or should that be the best cases of bad management!) and examine the negative impact this has on employees. Crucially I'll outline what you can do as a manager to avoid making the same mistakes.

Employee Enragement

The flip side of Employee Engagement, is what I term Employee Enragement. Covering the areas which inflame your people and cause them to burn out, I'll explore the Organisational factors which make them want to jump ship.

The World's First Real Leadership Summit

We're working hard at changing the meaning of Leadership, and the associated concepts. 'Leadership Summits' usually entail being confined in a conference centre, starved of stimulation and oxygen, with little to remember at its conclusion. We will change that - radically. We are off to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Are you ready to join us? Check out the details here